As far as proverbs go, you would rarely put together “one good deed deserves another” and “when life gives you lemons”. But one curious story of a pub landlord who helped out in a crisis found he was missing lemons certainly made that happen. John Reid stepped in during an emergsecond chance powerballency to act as a relief manager for the Railway Tavern in Bexley. It was several hours into this shift that he realised the pub had run out of lemons. So he took a quick break to go to the shop to buy some.

Finally, let us not forget that the performance of that lottery ticket will be impressive. The purpose of any lottery systemism is impressive.

Media is full of lottery winner kindness and generosity. The biggest winners are often keen to help others when they themselves once struggled. But let’s not forget the smaller winners too! Already getting into the Christmas spirit, one Leicester based anonymous lottery winner donated their entire £100 prize to charity. Although they did not want to make their identity known, we did find out a few details following a brief discussion with the shop. They bought the ticket at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester.

3. The third bumper was the Sikkim Diwali Bumper on 2nd November with another ₹5 crore.  Full results here.

HLF has further information about the project here.

The second winner from India was 42-year-old Vijaya Lakshmi, who won Series 390 with her ticket number 0049. She won a Motto Guzzi California (Nero Gentleman) and has been playing the Finest Surprise competitiosecond chance powerballn for nearly fifteen years. Lakshmi is the head of partnership for an online mall. "I've been trying my luck for a long time, but I guess luck is not on my side, so I wanted to let go but my husband has persuaded not to give up. Good thing I listened to him!"

Do everything possible to best let me match 5 or more sets of matches. Attempt to match up to 3 sets of matches. The last few mini games eliminated 11-15 numbers in 6/45 and 12-18 numbers in 6/49.

The combination 01-02-03-04-05-06 has an ordinary regular pattern that most people will see. However, these 9 combinations are listed in all cellular and regular modes, although they do not appear (starting with numbers 1 to 9): 01-03-09-27-3-3503 32-43-4704-10-

EuroMillions draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Players from India can choose their numbers online before the draw. Take a look at the How to Play guide for more information. There are 13 prize tiers in total and awards range from matching two main numbers up to five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers to win the jackpot prize. You can learn more about EuroMillions prizes and odds of winning on the dedicated page.